Artifacts, Old Cars Moved to Filling Station Museum

Sunday, November 11, 2018Artifacts, Old Cars Moved to Filling Station Museum

On October 17, 2018, artifacts and ancient vehicles were moved to an old filling station in Tehran's Darvazeh Dowlat district.

The artifacts were taken from the Museum of Petroleum in Shahr-e Rey. The Darvazeh Dowlant filling station is planned to house another petroleum museum soon.

The cars moved to the new museum were a Benz 190 and a Volkswagen.

The transfer was the second phase of restoration of old districts.  

محوطه دروازه دولت

Designing and installing old signs, demolishing the ventilation system of the subway station built there for the purpose of redesign, designing and installing glasses as well as painting of the entrance are among other measures undertaken within the framework of the second phase of restoration of the Darvazeh Dowlat gas station.

ماكت دروزاه دولت

Darvazeh Dowlat Gas Station Model

The Darvazeh Dowlat gas station, known under No. 6 in Saadi St., is among the most ancient ones in Tehran and is among few filling stations whose main building still stands. That is why it was chosen to serve as museum of petroleum.

سردر دروازه دولت

Darvazeh Dowlat Façade

Operations for the restoration of the Darvazeh Dowlat filing station started in two phases in early 2016. When the first phase started later that year, research was conducted on the history of the gas station. Images, memoires and manuscripts were gathered about the gas station.

The Darvazeh Dowlat filing station is expected to come online after the end of the second phase to be open to the public.