Petroleum museums host researchers

Tuesday, August 01, 2017Petroleum museums host researchers

Over the several past days, Petroleum museums and documents center was the host of several tourists who visited the center with the aim of studying historical documents of Iran's oil industry.
Since its establishment nearly four years ago, petroleum museums and documents center has become popular increasingly not only among ordinary visitors but those domestic and foreign academicians who conduct research on different aspects of oil industry developments.
It is worth mentioning that search engines on the internet have facilitated being connected with petroleum museums and documents center as a source for conducting oil industry related researches.   
During the past days, the center greeted two researchers from the United States, one of them Sirous Alexander Movahedi Lankarani who studies Iran’s history in doctorate level at Pennsylvania University and is conducting a research on his PHD thesis titled “Natural gas and LPG and its impact on Iran’s social and economic developments”.  
Shima Hoshyar Eftekhari is another PHD candidate who studies cultural anthropology at New York University. She is one of the guests who these days frequently visits the documents center in order to use the center’s magazines, books, and documents as sources to write her PHD thesis.
research tourism is a new term in the field of international studies and petroleum museums and documents center is growingly the host of this kind of researchers from within the country and abroad.
Meanwhile, petroleum museums management is hopeful to provide more services to the researchers by enriching its documents and improving growing access to the oil industry related documents to the visitors.