Petroleum Museums An Indispensable Part Of Oil Industry Development

Monday, November 06, 2017Petroleum Museums An Indispensable Part Of Oil Industry Development

Establishment of petroleum museums is an indispensable part of oil industry development, director general of museums and cultural and historical properties at Cultural Heritage Organization, Mohammadreza Kargar said.
Speaking to Petroleum Museums website, he said: nowadays all over the world, tourism is being considered not just as a choice but as a necessity.
He continued: by choosing isolationism and cutting ties with others, the societies not only won’t be able to achieve development targets but they will experience a backward and reactionary move.
According to him, when we talk about tourism, we may think that a number of people travel from one place to another place in order to spend their time, visit some monuments while this process will create jobs for those who are engaged in the tourism industry. The official went on to say that this view explains just part of the reality. “nowadays, tourism goes far beyond economic targets, following other priorities”, he said.  
Kargar said that a positive look at a society is key for shaping public opinion about that society, so if we want to change other people’s views about ourselves we should give priority to boosting tourism.
He noted that expanding interaction and mutual contact with other societies will encourage others, whether they are social, cultural, scientific or political figures, to visit our country which in turn will facilitate more cooperation and communication with others and even will have an impact on encouraging foreign investment.
Cultural and linguistic interactions is another advantage of developing tourism, Kargar said, adding improving infrastructures will secure travels to our country because what visitors and citizens need are avoiding traffic noise, audio disturbance and at the same time having things like a good environment, acceptable security, good restaurants and rule of law.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: Iranian oil industry won’t succeed unless it creates a positive atmosphere and attracts visitors.
The people make a better communication with what they watch closely and that is why in my opinion petroleum museums are good means for connecting with people because displaying objects is a better way for introducing oil industry to the people especially introducing its history, its capabilities, its innovations, famous people in the industry and facilities like oil platforms and so on.
Museums invite the people to visit them and learn many things about the past and at the same time they provide the opportunity for a kind of cultural discourse, talking about their observations and to improve their knowledge about what they have seen.
Based on what I said, I want to jump to the conclusion that if the oil industry misses the opportunity of using petroleum museums as a bridge to connect with people, I think it won’t be able to complete the path to development successfully, he concluded.