Tehran Oil Gas Station Registered As National Heritage

Tuesday, August 1, 2017Tehran Oil Gas Station Registered As National Heritage

An old fuel distribution station which had been built during the reign of the founder of Pahlavi dynasty, Reza Shah (1925-1941), by Anglo Persian Oil Company was registered as a national heritage.
The station which is known as the Tehran’s Fourth Fuel Distribution Station (currently gas station number 234)  is located in Panzdah Khordad Street (former Bouzarjmehri Street).
Director of Petroleum museums and documents center Akbar Nematollahi told petroleum museums news website that Fourth Fuel Distribution Station was the second gas station in the country, after Abadan Gas Station, being registered as a historical petroleum monument.   
He added: the monument was the second petroleum site in its kind which has been identified by the petroleum museums and documents center and introduced to Cultural Heritage, handicrafts and Tourism of Iran (ICHTO) for registration.
 Meanwhile, Zahra Ahmadipour, vice president and head of ICHTO, in a letter to Tehran governorate, notified the body about the registration of the station as national heritage and implementation of the decision.
Iran’s Petroleum Ministry inaugurated its first oil industry museum in the southwestern city of Abadan in January 2017.
The museum has been established at Iran's oldest gas station in Abadan which was built by Anglo Persian Oil Company in 1927.  
At that time, it provided oil and gasoline for household and transportation sectors. It also served airplanes.
Unfortunately, a number of old fuel distribution places including gas stations with very peculiar architecture have been destroyed during the time or have been changed for other uses.