Bijan Namdar Zangeneh

Arrangements set up by order of the Minister of Petroleum museums Iran's oil industry was provided on 22 January 1392. Museum of the oil industry "action.the future is necessary.there is oil in the world.
The necessary steps to establish an oil museum in their cities started, include:In Masjed Soleiman Oil Industry History Museum, the city of origin of the oil industry in Iran; the city as one of the oldest mining sites in the world and is predicted to become a tourism hub province.
Oil and Sacred Defense Museum in Abadan, now five points for the establishment of a museum in the city is considered: Abadan refinery, power plant building (1); Abadan gas station as the first country gas station, school and professional training (technical School) as the first studio staff training in Iran's oil industry. Abadan docks number 1 to 11 (whereabouts cranes Akvan and sulfur) and go home ritual consists of three buildings in the area.
to show a glimpse of the history of the oil industry, with a priority date of this industry in the West of the country, will be allocated.
We have an office in Tehran Museums and Documents oil industry pursues its activities in two parts:
The "treasure objects" Museums and Documents of Iran's oil industryThe main purpose of collecting Museum oil industry, maintain them and keep them from harm events and common occurrence, to transmit this heritage to future generations. For this purpose, the definition of serious and binding standards, durability and safety of these treasures is largely secured.3 objects Ashya’ashya’ 2Based on the definition that "ICOM" (International Council of Museums) Museum, the Museum's collection, preservation, study (document), Show and finally an audience for training, research and the value of this collection and enjoy them.
Treasures museum objects and documents Iran's oil industry, works, objects and documentation remnants of the Islamic Revolution and the presence of foreign nationals before and after that, up to the present time include: the collectible items related to the oil industryThe objects collected during two main phases "identify" and "transfer" was conducted under the supervision of technical experts to avoid any damage to this precious heritage is prevented. The treasures collected works, works that are related to the four main companies of the oil industry and enthusiasts, the museums have gift.
transfer it to help future generations, who will also teach us how to look at.
The section "documents" Museums and Documents of Iran's oil industryMuseums and Documents Center of the Iranian oil industry documents with seriousness and perseverance, seeks to identify, collect, classify, organize, retrieve, Pathology, restoration, conservation and maintenance of oil industry documents, preparation and exploitation of research by the authors, researchers and those interested in this field.
Documents 3 documents 2 documentsCurrently, more than 150 thousand pages of documents with historical, social, economic, political, geographical, architectural and installation, in a variety of personnel files, maps, telecommunication, utility and construction, planned location of refineries, Ktabchhhayy the issue of mapping, seismic and exploration, administrative reports, photographs, slides, negatives, film, screenplay and there in the archives of the center.In addition to the above can be different periods tabs, seals, technical and organizational charts, financial documents and documents confirming the oil industry projects, which will be in the series. In addition, the book studies the history of oil and gas, oil, old issues, stories, paintings and works of art related to the oil industry will be considered.
Undoubtedly, an important part of the document (in all its forms, visual - auditory, etc.) for several reasons, including old and unsuitable storage conditions and environmental pollution (temperature, humidity, lighting, emissions, etc.) are subject to damage is, therefore, of Pathology and restoration center is considered the most important sub-sectors. Experts of this sector do Pathology, disinfection and cleaning, protection and maintenance of documents prepared for the the oil industry will be set.
With this description, Khatrym clear that documentary on Iran's oil industry, safely and in compliance with the standards of Pathology and restoration, and archiving can be reserved at the center.