Darvazeh Dowlat Gas Station Registered As National Heritage

Wednesday, September 13, 2017Darvazeh Dowlat Gas Station Registered As National Heritage

Darvazeh Dowlat gas station, as one of the oldest gas station in the capital, was registered as national heritage.
The gas station which is also known as gas station No.6 was established during the rule of Reza Shah (1925-1941), the founder of Pahlavi dynasty, situating on the Saadi-Enghlab intersection in Tehran.
After Abadan gas station in the south of the country and gas station No.4 in Tehran, this is the third gas station in the country is registered as national heritage. It was built by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, enjoying a very special architecture.  
After registering as national heritage, any alteration to the site in a way that changes its identity would be a violation of law and subject to punishment. Up to now, 105 oil industry sites have been registered as historical heritage.
A number of other old gas stations in the capital have already been destroyed or are being used for other purposes following adjustments in the structures.