Chogha Oil Museum, a creative implementation of the Masjed Soleyman Oil Museum project

Tuesday, August 25, 2020Chogha Oil Museum, a creative implementation of the Masjed Soleyman Oil Museum project

The Chogha Museum Oil project was implemented in the Masjed Soleiman Oil Museum project.

According to the Petromyosium information base, one of the capacities created in the management of museums and the oil industry documentation center is to pay attention to the creativity that is used in the process of implementing museum projects, so that in addition to specialization and The ability of artists and technicians is an opportunity to express the creativity of colleagues and staff of various projects in the groups of "museum" and "documents" and it is welcomed.
In the latest action, we can mention the implementation of the Museum Chogha oil project in the Masjed Soleiman Oil Museum project, which recreates a used metal structure that was part of an obsolete well separator, by painting and symbolically designing Bakhtiari Chogha on the structure. The cone-shaped figure pointed out that while symbolically recreating this cultural and ancient symbol that has its roots in the history of ancient Ilam and the architecture of the Choghaznabil ziggurat, as well as the congresses in the Achaemenid architecture of Persepolis, it has a conceptual connection with the Masjed Soleiman Oil Museum.
The concepts of "exploration" and "drilling", which in this design are associated with a shear from the deep section of the earth and at the same time the shape of the wall pipes (casing), also evoke drilling operations. This metal cone is also a large and obsolete large "drilling drill" that has been repaired and painted.
Wall pipes that in this simple but creative design, seem to be full of black oil and also evoke part of the concept of "production" in "Masjed Soleiman", the ancient land of Bakhtiari.
This creative design was done using the objects, materials and equipment within the organization of Masjed Soleiman Oil and Gas Exploitation Company and the cost of its implementation was zero. This action was taken by the members of the executive team of Masjed Soleiman Oil Museum project, including Shapoor Momennejad, Ali Kazemi, Arash Kashani, Amir Mohammad Alasvand and Ali Yousefi.
The duration of design and implementation of this project is three weeks and its location (temporary) is the entrance staircase of Masjed-e-Soleiman Oil Museum building located in the industrial heritage site of the former refinery and sulfur factory of Bibi Yan.