Publication of the book "Iranian Petroleum Diplomacy Architect in the Management of Museums and Oil Industry Documentation Center"

Saturday, September 19, 2020Publication of the book

The book "Architect of Iranian Petroleum Diplomacy", specially dedicated to the memory of Hossein Kazem Poorardbili, has been published in the management of museums and oil industry documentation centers.

According to the Petromyosium information base, in the introduction of this book, written by Akbar Nemat Elahi, Director of Museums and Documentation Center of Oil Industry: "It is about the living memory of Hossein Kazem Poorardbili. The great man who rightly, after his unfortunate death, He was nicknamed Mr. OPEC Iran, the architect of Iran's oil diplomacy, oil diplomat, and a capable and patient diplomat, and everyone acknowledged his friendliness, purity, and morality. "They praised him as a comprehensive diplomat and a symbol of the school of rationality in energy diplomacy. According to them, he used every opportunity to elevate the name of Iran and did not tire of thinking to promote Iran's interests."

Exclusive interviews with Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Akbar Turkan (Advisor to the President), Dr. Zamani Nia (Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the Ministry of Petroleum), Dr. Mohammad Javad Asemipour (former CEO of the National Company for Southern Oilfields and Company Iran Oil Trading), Ehsan Janabi (Chairman of the International Energy Association of the Ministry of Petroleum), Mohammad Sadegh Norouzi (Deputy Minister of OPEC Affairs and Relations with International Energy Associations of the Ministry of Petroleum) and Ali Shams Ardakani (Chairman of the Macroeconomic Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines And Iranian Agriculture) is one of the highlights of this book that the management of museums and the oil industry documentation center has tried to prepare and compile it.
Expressing the live activities of Kazem Poorardbili during his service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati (Advisor to the Supreme Leader on International Affairs and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs) is another important section of this book, published for the first time and exclusively in this book. "In those difficult times, the late Dr. Kazempour, given his background, capabilities, deep knowledge and awareness of domestic and international economy issues, was placed in the field of economic assistance until difficult circumstances," Dr. Velayati said in part. "He managed those days and took the necessary measures. With his perseverance, intelligence, mastery and nobility in economic and commercial matters, he was able to provide worthy and valuable services in this field."

This book includes sections such as biography, messages, opinions and memories, conversations, speeches and articles, which contain valuable material from the life of Hossein Kazempour Ardabili.
Speech and writing by Dr. Hassan Rouhani (President), Ishaq Jahangiri (First Vice President), Engineer Bijan Zanganeh (Minister of Oil), Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo (Secretary General of OPEC), Sun Jian Cheng (Secretary General of the International Energy Association), Yuri Santorin (Secretary General of the Association of Gas Exporting Countries), Massoud Karbasian (CEO of the National Oil Company), Hassan Montazer Torbati (CEO of the National Gas Company), Alireza Sadeghabadi (CEO of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Products Mohammad Hossein Adeli (former head of the Central Bank, former representative of Iran in OPEC and former Secretary General of the Assembly of Gas Exporting Countries), Hossein Noghrehkar Shirazi (former Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the Ministry of Petroleum), Mojtaba Mir Mehdi (former Deputy Legal and Consular Minister of the Ministry) Foreign Affairs), Dr. Mehdi Asali (Master of Energy and former Iranian Representative to the International Energy Forum), Abbas Maleki (former Deputy Foreign Minister and Associate Professor of Energy Policy at Sharif University of Technology) and Ali Majedi (former Iranian Ambassador to Japan and Germany) It is one of the topics in the absence of the living memory of Kazempour Ardabili in this book B has been written.
The publication of several articles and live speeches by the memory of Kazem Poorardbili during his lifetime, as well as his farewell message to the colleagues of the Ministry of Petroleum, are other influential parts of this book.
In the final part of this book, old photographs related to different periods of the living activities of Kazem Pouraz from the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of Oil and representation in the OPEC Executive Board are depicted, each expressing his efforts and struggles during his 40 years of sincere service to Is the country.
It is worth mentioning that Hossein Kazem Poorardbili, one of the prominent diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the senior director of the Ministry of Oil and the representative of Iran in the OPEC Executive Committee, lived in the most difficult conditions and in spite of all adversity, provided valuable services to protect Iran's interests. He, who died on May 17 of this year due to illness, was considered one of the ethical and honorable managers of Iran's oil industry.