What do you know about the Documents Center of the Oil Industry ?

Monday, July 17, 2023What do you know about the Documents Center of the Oil Industry ?
According to the report of the public relations of the Museums and Documents Center of the  Oil Industry, the Documents Center was formed as one of the departments of the management of Museums and Documents Center of the oil industry with the aim of collecting documents and papers related to oil industry in one of the days of 1394/2015. This center, consists of several units, namely: identification, evaluation and collection, restoration, cataloging, digital registration in the software, audio-visual unit, library and gazettes archive. since establishment, this center set its duty to identify, collect, classify, organize, recover, restore, protect and preserve important documents from the oil industry with seriousness and perseverance. If it wasn’t for these measures, maybe now the 115-year history of the oil industry would have been empty of documents In some parts and many of these historical documents would have been destroyed.
How many documents are kept?
The documents of the oil industry in the document center are currently stored in 28972 special document storage boxes, in each of these boxes many documents are stored, some of these document storage boxes may contain about 1000 documents. Each of them tells the story of a part of Iran’s oil that has passed away. The total number of documents and papers stored in the Documents center is 11 million sheets and the investigation to identify oil documents is still ongoing.
Countless documents of Iran’s oil sales
There are countless documents in the oil industry Documents center in several archives of the international, Abadan personnel and labor personnel, exploration, continental plateau, Masjid Suleiman area and National Engineering Company, Iran-Iraq war, etc. It is not possible to say which department has the most documents, but there are many documents from international affairs, including the sale of Iranian oil in the years before and after the revolution, the loading of oil tankers in the largest oil terminal of Iran (Khark), which is of great importance, the cataloging of the documents of this section, which started some time ago, is now finished and It is in the stage of registering information in the software.
The prominent people in oil industry
As the oldest industry in the country, the oil industry has seen many famous people, the examination of personnel documents and other archives of the document center shows that famous people such as Mohammad Ali Mowah’had, Najaf Daryābandari, Ismail Fasih, Hassan Kāmshād, Abolqāsem Hālat, Mostafa Fāteh, Foād Rouhāni, Hamid Nateghi, Parveen Dowlatābādi, Mehrdād Mehrin, Manouchehr Farmānfarmāiān and many others were present in Oil Industry, great people who each shaped an important part of Iran’s history, culture, mysticism, philosophy, etc.
Access to oil documents will be facilitated
The most important goal of the Documents Center of the oil industry in collecting oil documents is to present them to researchers and analysts, especially oil history researchers. In order to facilitate the access to documents, preliminary measures have been taken to launch this system and it is ready to provide research services in the near future.
Quality over quantity
The experts of the Documents Center of the oil industry are looking for quality rather than   quantity in document review. The experts of this department are trying to separate the quality documents from the millions of papers left behind and expose them to those who are interested. There are many examples of these documents. Among others, we can mention the documents of well number “1” of Masjid Suleiman, the copy of the 1933 contract, the nationalization of the oil industry, Chia sorkh, oil exploration in Kheshtsar Mahmoud ābād and countless other documents.
How can researchers use petroleum documents?
Researchers and analysts interested in Iran’s oil history now visit the Documents Center of the oil industry to access oil documents by obtaining permission from the management of the museums and documents center of the oil industry. This center, which is located on Bāgher shahr, Research Institute Blvd, hosts students and researchers from various universities during the week. Recently, a group of researchers associated with the General Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Petroleum and students from Tehran and Beheshti Universities and professors from Allāmeh Tabātabaāii University referred to this center for their research projects.
Documents center challenge
The most important current challenge of the Documents Center of the oil industry is the infrastructure sector and distance from the center, especially research centers. It is hoped that by providing a suitable building to the Documents Center of the oil industry, while protecting the historical heritage of this industry, the access of the researchers to this center and interact with other research centers, will be facilitated.