Carriage oil lighting (Phaeton)

Sunday, March 12, 2023Carriage oil lighting (Phaeton)

Displayed in Kerosen Burners museum


 These lights are a kind of lanterns that are installed on the sides of the carriage or carriage to illuminate the path. 
 In English, it is called Phaeton, which is derived from a Latin word meaning shining, the driver of a fiery chariot.  Therefore, in Iran and during the Qajar period, they called Dorshkeh and its lamp Phaeton.
 Obviously, carriage lighting lanterns have different sizes and shapes depending on the shape and time of use.  The long base type are mostly installed on the larger sized strollers, and the short and smaller base type is for inner city carriages. 
 In some types of carriage lanterns, a red glass was installed, which, like the hazard lights of today's cars, had the function of seeing the back of the carriage.
Displayed in Kerosen Burners museum.

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