Two Steps To Opening of Abadan’s Second Petroleum Museum

Saturday, October 27, 2018Two Steps To Opening of Abadan’s Second Petroleum Museum

Abadan Apprentice Museum is passing the final phases of reconstruction and renovation for turning into the second petroleum museum in the city.

The museum is being built on the site of Abadan Technical-Vocational Training Center which its establishment dates back to 1933.

On the threshold of opening the museum, head of the museum, Mr. Aminzadeh Darvish, has written an article about the process of renovation as follows:

Every living and dynamic museum needs unstoppable and daily changes and Abadan Apprentice Museum is not an exception. While the museum is getting closer to open its doors to the public, these changes have accelerated.

سردر موزه كارآموزان

Over the course of rebuilding the museum, the symbolism has been taken into account which represents itself in the form of nostalgic tastes and colors of the façade of the museum at a time when modernism is dominant in the daily life of the city.

These numerous elements, in a glimpse, draw the attention of the visitors, and symbols like Abadan oil refinery towers, the dome of the Abadan Museum and other elements remind the visitor old memories.

The valves as the important symbols of oil industry have lined up in the yard of the museum and each of them has been painted based on their special functions. Considering Abadan rough weather, the painting was necessary because it was necessary the valves be cleaned by wiping the rusty coating from the surface and turn them to eye-catching objects for the visitors. 

سوله موزه كارآموزان

During the course of rebuilding the Technical-Vocational School of Abadan, its workshops’ tables and the outside surface of its doors and windows had been painted with blue color. But by inspiration of old pictures and consultation with oil industry veterans, it was known that the original colors of the inside of the shed as well as doors and windows had been silver and green respectively. So, in a revision, silver and green replaced blue as the final colors.

Given that green space of each museum is considered as a necessary element in attracting the visitors, an especial plan was prepared in accordance with the environment and the climate of the city. In the first step, the existing trees were pruned and then the soil of the garden replace and enriched. With this changes, now the greenery is prepared for growing new plants and designing.

Also, the main entrance of the museum next to Dehdari Boulevard was redesigned thoroughly. The scattered welded storage tanks were moved to the rear part of the museum and outdoor space of it was cleaned of grass and thorns and was sprayed to prevent their growth in the future. All these things were carried out in order to provide a beautiful visual appearance of the façade.

Now with the completion of these actions, it is expected the second petroleum museum of Abadan to be inaugurated as soon as possible.