Wednesday, April 25, 2018 A pictorial report on Paytagh pump station

Paytagh pump station is one of the oldest pump stations in Iran. The pump station was built in 1930s in Paytagh village, with a very nice weather, near Sarpol Zahab in Kermanchah province to facilitate crude oil transfer from Naft Shar oil field to Kermanshah oil refinery.
Unfortunately, the structure and installations of the pump station have been damaged to a great extent mainly due to bombardment during the imposed war (Iran-Iraq eight year from 1980 to 1988) as well as negligence.

On top of that, last year’s earthquake which hit Kermanshah province, damaged further the village including its pump station.
The station has been recently registered as a historical heritage through efforts made by the Petroleum Museum and Documents Center.

The following report displays Paytagh pump station in pictures.

Report and photography by: Ali Maleki

تابلوي ورودي پاطاق

The sign showing the Paytagh pump station’s entrance


An aerial view of Paytagh pump station

نماي از مهمانسراي پاطاق

A beautiful view of the building of  the Paytagh pump station guest house

بناي طاق گراي پاطاق

Taghgra monument is a remainder of Sasanian Empire (224–651 AD) period. The name of the village, Paytagh, has been driven from this historical monument.

كتيبه مهمانسراي پاطاق

An inscription hanged on the façade of guest house depicts the establishment date of the pump station in Gregorian calendar.

ساختمان اداري و انبار

Administrative buildings of Paytagh pump station

ساختمان مسكوني مدير پاطاق

A view of guest house rooms used for the manager’s accommodation

مسكوني كارگران پاطاق

Residential sections for Paytagh pump station workforce

تخريب زلزله پاطاق

Part of the walls of the pump station hit by earthquake

مهمانسراي پاطاق

Another beautiful view of Paytagh pump station guest house

انبار پاطاق

The building which once was used as warehouse

ساختمان اداري تلمبه خانه پاطاق

Another view of administrative buildings

ساختمان حراست پاطاق

Security building at the Paytagh pump station building

كوه و دشت پايتاق

A beautiful view of Paytagh village surroundings