Wednesday, December 26, 2018 Foreign Tourists Visit Abadan Gasoline Museum

 Abadan Gasoline Museum is the first petroleum industry museum which is set to mark its second anniversary soon. Ever since opening, it has been warmly welcomed by residents of Abadan, petroleum industry staff and their families as well as Iranian and foreign visitors.

What follows is a collection of visit to this museum by foreign tourists.

The Abadan Gasoline Museum received nearly 2,000 visitors in the third quarter of the current Iranian year. It was the highest figure among tourist attractions in the oil-rich city of Abadan where Iran’s first oil refinery was built.

Tourists from Austria, the United States, Iraq, Canada and Germany have so far visited this museum.

توريست آمريكايي بنزين خانه

بازديد آمريكايي از بنزين خانه - Copy

An American tourist with his Iranian wife and their children are visiting the Abadan Gasoline Museum.

بنزين خانه توريست آلماني - Copy

آلماني بنزين خانه

German tourist, who is also a petroleum industry actor, is visiting the Abadan Gasoline Museum.

توريست اتريشي بنزين خانه

An Austrian tourist is posing for a photo with a shirt emblazoned with the Abadan Gasoline Museum.

توريست آلماني بنزين خانه

A German tourist is seen in the painting workshop of the Abadan Gasoline Museum.

بنزين خانه آلماني - Copy

German tourists poses for a souvenir photo at the Abadan Gasoline Museum.

كتاب راهنماي ايران

صفحه راهنماي ايران

Guidebook in German introduces the Abadan Gasoline Museum.