Memories are valuable sources of oil industry history

Monday, August 28, 2017Memories are valuable sources of oil industry history

Memories are valuable sources for recording the history of Iran's oil industry, Mohammadreza Javaheri the petroleum museums advisor said.
Speaking at a gathering of the petroleum museums and documents center’s personnel, he said: There is a very direct relationship between museums and memories because we should look at museums as places where past experiences are collected with the aim of preventing them from being forgotten.
He continued: There is the possibility to preserve documents physically but memories carry a kind of sense which rarely could be found in other historical documents, so if memories are recorded and preserved it will help us to pass the story of past events and experiences from one generation to another generation and that is why we shouldn’t ignore the importance of past memories and confine ourselves to just recording and collecting written documents.
Memories are not necessarily those remarks are made by famous figures but they could include an ordinary worker memories with valuable historical importance so that help us to retell past events.
A two-day conference of Petroleum museums and documents center was held at Oil Industry Pension Funds Center in Tehran on Aug 12-13.