In Garden-Museums, Harmony Is A Must

Monday, November 06, 2017In Garden-Museums, Harmony Is A Must

The manager of Kerman Petroleum Garden-Museum says harmony between garden-museums on the one hand and structure and the space considered for establishing them on the other hand is necessary.
Speaking to the Petroleum Museums website reporter, The manager of Kerman Petroleum Garden-Museum, Mohammad Abdolalipour, added: the aim of building museums is not just to introduce an organization or a department, but rather introducing the history of that specialized field which is more important to public, and that is why we try hard to collect all the related documents and information on the Kerman’s old petroleum structure to draft a proper scenario regarding its equipment.
Referring to the necessity of taking into consideration audiences, he said the museums should be established based on the needs and taste of the public and audiences, otherwise they will miss the target.
According to Abdolalipour, garden-museums associate with an intellectual movement and should persuade thinking, being attractive to visitors.   
With regard to changing this petroleum structure to a garden-museum, we plan to provide some extra services to the visitors including displaying provincial cultural products and handicrafts, establishing modern and traditional restaurants as well as playground for kids.