Historical Radio Abadan Building on the Verge of Collapse

Monday, December 04, 2017Historical Radio Abadan Building on the Verge of Collapse

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s (IRIB) officials in Abadan refuse to transfer the ownership of the historical building of Radio Abadan to the Petroleum Museums And Documents Center despite a verdict to do so by dispute settlement council of the presidency.

Director of petroleum museums and documents center, Akbar Nematollahi, made the remarks in an interview with Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), adding Radio Abadan is one of the first modern structures in Abadan which was built concurrent with establishment Brim residential complex by Anglo-Persian Oil Company in the city and belongs to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

Speaking with regard to the background of the building’s ownership, Nematollahi, said: after the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the management of Abadan Radio was transferred to IRIB in order to cover the Imposed War news (Iran-Iraq 8 year war from 1980 to 1988) and produce cultural, social and economic programs. He further said that since many years ago, the building has been shut down as abandoned.

He told ISNA that petroleum museums management has resorted to legal actions in order to retake the ownership of the historic building and turn it into the media arm of petroleum museums and documents center after restoration.

According to him, petroleum museums has written a number of letters to IRIB in order to retake the possession of the building which has been ignored by IRIB and as the next step, Abadan Oil Refinery’s legal division referred the case to dispute settlement council of the presidency to make a final decision.  رادیو مرکز آبادان

“following a visit to the abandoned building which unfortunately is on the verge of collapse, the experts ordered IRIB to return the building to petroleum museums, a decision that has been ignored by IRIB which has turned a blind eye on frequent correspondences of Abadan Oil Refinery’s legal division”, Nematollahi said.   

The petroleum ministry’s official, elsewhere in his remarks, said that Radio Abadan Building is a one-hundred-year heritage which is the reminder of many memories for Abadan residents, repeating his call for transferring the building’s ownership.   

Radio Abadan as a villa building, located in the center of Brim residential complex, has been registered as national heritage. It has been decided to be restored and opened to the public by creating a passage which will connect it to the out of the complex for easy access by those willing to the history of media in Abadan city, especially students.

Expressing hope that IRIB officials transfer the building to the petroleum museums, Nematollahi said: otherwise, we have no choice but to take more effective actions through competent authorities.