Three Petroleum Museums Coming Online

Wednesday, May 9, 2018Three Petroleum Museums Coming Online

Director of Petroleum Museums And Documents Center, Akbar Nematollahi, said three new petroleum museums would open their doors to the public in near future.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 23rd oil, gas, refining and petrochemical exhibition (6-9 May) in Tehran, he further said: restoration of Sabzevar Gas Station Museum is also on the agenda.   

He added: So far, Petroleum Museums and Documents Center has attended three international oil exhibitions across the country including two times at Tehran Oil Shows which are held annually at around this time in the capital and once at Kish Island oil exhibition.

 “While two petroleum museums have been already inaugurated and completion of three others is underway, I feel we have a better chance to introduce petroleum museums achievements and oil industry history to the audiences”, he told the petroleum museums website.  

In response to a question on whether he expected so high visits to the petroleum museums booth at the present oil show, he said: "it is not surprising because petroleum ministry has established petroleum museums to introduce 110 years of Iran’s oil history and at the same time it is the only cultural booth at an exhibition which industrial booths are dominant in it. In other words, petroleum museums booth is a different venue in view of the visitors and this is the reason behind so widespread welcome.”  

 “Close contact with the oil industry and its veterans and at the same time providing the opportunity for visitors to become familiar with the oil industry history are among the main goals of founding petroleum museums”, he said elsewhere in his remarks.

He concluded: “We are very happy that have been able to collect millions of pages of documents and old oil industry objects, otherwise they would have been destroyed. In addition, a number of oil installations with historical value have been registered nationally and this is a very satisfactory achievement.”

So far, two petroleum museums have been launched in the oil-rich city of Abadan, south of Iran, one of them at an old gas station and the other at the venue of an apprentice center.