The Deputy Minister of Oil's emphasis on the preservation and maintenance of well number "1" of Masjid Suleiman

Tuesday, June 6, 2023The Deputy Minister of Oil's emphasis on the preservation and maintenance of well number

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Coinciding with the 115th anniversary of oil discovery, the deputy minister of oil visited the discovery well number "1" of Masjid Suleiman.
According to the management of the Museums Documents Center of the Oil Industry, Mohsen Khojsteh mehr, while visiting well number “1” of the Masjid Suleiman, emphasized on the preservation and maintenance of this well and said: landscaping and providing better services should be done in order to attract more tourists to this museum.
The 5th of Khordad/ May 26, is the anniversary of the first oil eruption in Iran and the Middle East. 115 years ago on this day, oil erupted from well number 1 of the Masjid Suleiman.
At four o'clock in the morning on the 5th of Khordad 1287/ 26th of May 1908, finally after a year of continuous effort and digging wells in different parts of Iran, including "Chia sorkh" in Kermanshah (November 8th, 1902) and wells number 1 and 2 in Shardin and finally digging well number 1 of Masjid Suleiman in The Naftoon area, which started on January 22, 1908, and on May 26, 1908, / Khordad 5, 1287, resulted in the eruption of oil at 4:00 AM from a depth of 1,180 feet, this was the first time oil was discovered and extracted in Iran and the Middle East.
The discovery of oil has been the source of valuable services such as the beginning of the use of motorized transportation, the planning of the first oil transportation and collection pipeline, the transfer of Abadan for the construction of a refinery, the construction of the first place of residence for oil workers in Masjid Suleiman, etc.
Now, Iran's oil industry, more than a century after its birth, intends to establish the first oil museum in the city of Masjid Suleiman as the first source and origin of Iran's huge oil industry.
 Source: IRIB