3884 people visited oil industry museums in January

Monday, January 29, 20243884 people visited oil industry museums in January

According to the Management of the Oil Industry Documents Center and Museums, seven museums of oil industry in Tehran, Abadan (two museums), Kerman, Masjed-Soleyman, Mahmood Abad and Sabzevar welcomed 3884 people including tourists in January 2024.

Darvaze-Dolat Gas Station Museum with 1364 and Karamoozan Museum with 1003 visitors respectively held the highest numbers in February 2024.

The number of people visited other oil industry museums are Abadan Benzinkhane Museum 528 people, Sabzevar Museum 354 people, Kerman Museum 265 people, Masjed-Soleyman 204 people and Mahmood-Abad 169 people visited in February 2024.

The Management of the Oil Industry Documents Center and Museums includes the museums of Darvaze-Dolat in Tehran, Karamoozan in Abadan, Benzinkhane in Abadan, Distribution Industry in Sabzevar, Well Number-One in Masjed-Soleyman, Oil-Burners in Kerman, Oil Industry Heritage in Mahmood-Abad and the Permanent Exhibition of the oil industry in Tehran.

Where are the oil industry museums?

Masjed-Soleyman Number-One Well: Naft2 St. next to City Hall and City Council,  Masjed-Soleyman, Khoozestan province

Sabzevar Oil Museum: No.128, Fatemi Sq. Northern side, Bahar Blvd. , Dr. Shariati St. ,  Sabzevar, Khorasan Razavi province

Abadan Benzinkhane Museum: Across the City Council, next to the gas station, Shahrdari park, Abadan, Khoozestan province

Abadan Karamoozan Museum: Dehdari St. Across Takhti stadium, Karamoozan Museum, Abadan, Khoozestan province

Tehran Darvaze-Dolat gas station: On the corner of Fiat St. , Eslami Enqelab and Northern Sadi intersection, Tehran, Tehran province

Kerman Oil Garden-Museum: End of Shohada17 St. , Shohada (Zarisof) Ave. ,Kerman, Kerman province

Mahmood Abad Oil Industry Heritage Museum: Mahmood Abad Oil Complex, 5Km to Noor city, Mahmood Abad, Mazandaran province

The Management of the Oil Industry Documents Center and Museums Permanent Exhibition: No.214, 2nd floor, between Saboonchi St. and Qanbarzade St. , End of Khoramshahr Ave. , Northern Sohrevardi Ave. , Tehran, Tehran province